We are excited to announce our new product: Managed Proton!

ProtonMail stands out for its many privacy and security features! Our product is designed enhance the experience of using ProtonMail.

Our focus is to enable companies with limited time and technical expertise to achieve high standards of email security by managing their email service together with Protonmail-based solutions.

Main ProtonMail features:

  • Enhanced Security Tools: Features like password-protected emails, PhishGuard, link protection, and two-factor authentication enhance user security;
  • End-to-End Encryption: Along with an encrypted inbox, enjoy PGP interoperability and encrypted email attachments;
  • Zero-Access Encryption: E-mails are encrypted and decrypted on your device, ensuring no one else can read your messages;
  • Swiss Privacy: Being incorporated and headquartered in Switzerland, you benefit from strict Swiss privacy laws and neutrality;
  • Mobile Apps: Both Android and iOS are supported, allowing users to securely access their emails on the go;
  • ProtonMail Bridge: There is no need to stop using your favorite e-mail client. This feature integrates ProtonMail with popular email clients, providing the security of encryption while using familiar platforms;
  • Multiple Addresses: Users can create multiple email addresses linked to the same account, offering flexibility in managing communications.

With our specialized reselling service, you get an expert partner dedicated to ensure that your secure email experience is seamless and tailored to your needs.


FlokiNET Team



Sexta-feira, Setembro 29, 2023

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