New Feature: Services Renewal Function

A new feature is now available in the client area! With manual renewal function, you don't have to wait for automatic invoicing; this feature allows you to create renewal invoices anytime.     An effortless process: On the first page of your account with us, you will see the "Renew Now" button for all active services,     More ... Читать далее »

5 Янв 2024
New product: Managed Proton

We are excited to announce our new product: Managed Proton! ProtonMail stands out for its many privacy and security features! Our product is designed enhance the experience of using ProtonMail. Our focus is to enable companies with limited time and technical expertise to achieve high standards of email security by managing their email service ... Читать далее »

29 Сен 2023
New product: Investigative tools Training

We are happy to  introduce our latest product Investigative tools Training! This training package is designed to navigate the complexities of secure communication, large data analysis, and collaborative research. Key points: Globaleaks: Here we will focus in the details of setting up and using this secure and anonymous whistleblowing platform. ... Читать далее »

13 Сен 2023
Privacy law in the European Union - impact on the .nl domains.

Starting from 1st of October privacy and proxy services are no longer permitted for .nl domains. This new policy forbids the registration of .nl domain names under a third party. Consequently, registrars or resellers of .nl domain names will be contacted to provide information about existing domains. In line with these changes, FlokiNET ... Читать далее »

26 Июл 2023
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