SLA levels

Standard SLA. Works as expected
Unlimited number of requests for operating system reinstallations, reconfiguration of network interfaces, firewall and any other issue to solve 'service down' alerts will receive immediate attention. We do not fix your software problems like "apache and mysql are down". For this please refer to our other SLA level.

Advisory SLA for Software. Can wait to get an answer
Application tuning to solve service degradation, 'how to' questions and 'please do' requests will be answered in 8-14 hours. Our area of expertise is networking and system administration for a wide area of applications. We do not program or change code developed by others.
Charged per hour, minimum 150 Euro

Expert SLA for Software. Immediate and knowledgeable attention
Immediate response for software support to technically knowledgeable customers who will contact FlokiNET as a last resort. NOC will start working at your request as soon it is received.
750 Euro / month

Ultimate SLA for Software. Whatever you ask
Proactive monitoring and system administration from dedicated engineers familiar with your setup available 24/7. Ask anything you want, as many times you want. You will directly talk with your team at FlokiNET. Ideal for customers that are willing to outsource IT tasks.
1290 Euro / month

Software installation and other services:
99 Euro / hour

Cpanel / WHM SLA:
We manage your Cpanel / WHM based VPS including updates and regulary security checks. We configure your server within the limits of cpanel.
79 Euro / month (license not included)

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