Spam / IP blacklist

Spam is not tolerated by us and our Anti Spam Policy is quite strict.

We monitor all our IP ranges for IP blacklist and act in case of an listing immidiate.

We have ZERO tolerance for Spam. In case your server is sending Spam we give you 2 hours to fix this, after this we suspend the server (or limit the Email sending to 0 on shared Hosting) and wait for your reply.


If your IP get blacklisted for Spamming and we have to remove the IP from blacklists we may charge a fee of 100 euro.

In all cases we expect a security fee of 100 euro to be payed to your account (via Bitcoin or bank transfer) which will be stored for 3 month and then fully returned to you if no further spam outbreak happens.

We will NOT provide any backup of your data unless these fees are payed!

2 Strikes rule:
In case we see 2 times a IP blacklist we will suspend your service and request you to order an SLA from us (managed service) or we will provide you a backup of your account and then terminate it. No refund is given.

We know that a hack in rare cases can happen and we will always find a solution with the customer but "i got hacked" is a lame excuse after the second time.
You have to make sure your server / software / CMS / website etc. is always up to date.

If you are unable to do so please order an SLA for your project or stop hosting with us.

The IP is not for Spam blacklisted but for Botnet, Malware, Cybercrime etc?

Your server will get terminated without any warning and refund given!

What do you see as Spam?
Simple: Any Email that is not requested advertising (opt in)

Is a opt out Email service Spam?
Yes and we will terminate your service immidiate without any refund!

Is commercial (third partie) bulk email service Spam?
Yes unless it is opt in!

Do you tolerate any kind of advertising emails?
Yes opt in, please keep these emails update to date (delete invalid emails from the list) and offer an opt out button within every email!
If not you are sending Spam which is not tolerated.

If we get noticed your unsubscribe button doesent work our you get blacklisted for spam we will shutdown your service

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