In general there are two ways of managing your domain at FlokiNET:

1) Using our DNS system (default) with the FlokiNET nameserver:

If you're Shared Hosting client with a domain purchased to your package,
this will be the default setup and is recommended to use.

If you're VPS or Dedicated Server client, the product is not part of our DNS
system. To manage a Domain with us, you will need to have a free DNSonly
account to set the records of your domain(s).

Within our DNS system, you can manage your domain by setting the records
of it to a certain IP accordingly, e.g. A-records, C-record, MX-record. This
can be done using CPanel (Hosting product or DNSonly account). There you
will find DNS zone editor to specify your records.

2) Using an external DNS system with different nameserver:

Just change the nameserver in your domain details.

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