Step-by-step: Ubuntu 20 installation

Ubuntu 20 Standard installation

1 ) Choose language and locale, we will use English.


2) Configure the network interface.

2.1) Choose "manual" on the network interface.

2.2) Use the configuration given in the client area/email.

2.3) Gateways in Iceland are .254, while in Romania and Finland are .1


3) No proxy needed, keep in mind to use the mirror in the country :)

(for our example, Iceland:



4) Choose the storage partitioning, for this example we will use standard, with no encryption:


5) Create your user and password

6) Remember to install OpenSSH so remote access is possible via that protocol

7) Choose any snaps needed

8) After the installation is completed, reboot the server and be sure to remove the ISO and change the boot order to: "Disk,none,none".

9) Done! :)

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