Domain transfer

How does a domaintransfer work?

We need:
  • Of course the domain name you want to transfer
  • Your EEP/auth code
  • You have to haev acess to the admin-c emailadress in the whois
  • The domain has to be unlocked / Active

Our registrar will send you an approve email to the admin-c email adress with details how to start the transfer.
After you approved the transfer it will take up to 5 working days untill the transfer is done.


Q: If i don't have acess to the admin-c emailadress is a domaintransfer possible?
A: No, the email send to the admin-c is for validate that you are the owner. Without the approvement in the email you get send a transfer is not possible

Q: Can you send the email to an other emailadress?
A: No, it's on possible to the admin-c adress

Q: I have an active whoisprotection and do not get your email. What can i do?
A: You can enter our contact data into your customer information at your current registrar and then deactivate the Whoisprotection of your registrar. After that we wil get the approve email at our emailadress and start the transfer for you.

Security Notice:
Do not remove under any circumstances your current whoisprotection! All whois changes of domains are monitored and the domains is immidiate "burned"

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