I lost my root password - what now?

Please notice that the root password cant be restored on our VPS and dedicated server. In case you loose your root password we can only do a backup of your VPS (and send you the file for local mount) or mount your hdd on an extra server.

If you have your server encrypted most likely all your data is lost.

For this kind of reasons we recommend:

Do not set your root password to a 60 letter long password that is hard to type within 10 seconds (timeout time on a linux shell) - 20 letters are secure too and a simple fail2ban or CSF firewall will stop attacks

Key auth is way more secure, that way a brutforce is impossible.

We also do not recommend to change the ssh port unless you are sure what you are doing, it will not bring you any extra security, the port can be revealed by a portscan within seconds. In case of an ddos attack the non standard port is also may blocked by the ddos protection.

If you want to gain security setup key auth on your ssh (see also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys )

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