PayPal payments

FlokiNET operates PayPal payments with automatic checkout gateway (API) provided by PayPal.
Your payment will be sent without any information about what you've purchased.
The receiver address is a verified PayPal account.

PayPal payments are not processed instantly.

Right after checkout you will receive the notice that your PayPal transaction has been successful.
From now on it will take up to 24 hours for the payment to be checked for fraud payments and
added to your invoice automatically. The invoice status remains unpaid during this time.

- I paid via PayPal, but it's not showing up in client area - did I do something wrong?
No, that's completely normal. You don't need to open a ticket for it, as PayPal payment will be
processed automatically.

- I paid via PayPal, but it's not showing up in client area - can you check?
Yes, we can check, but that won't speed it up. As the process is automatic, you only need to wait.

- I paid via PayPal more than 24 hours ago, but it's still not showing up in client area - is there a
problem with it?
Such a delay may happen if you don't pay with a verified account. To check further details, please
open a support ticket.

- Why does it take so long for PayPal payment to show up?
As PayPal API does not provide instant checkout without harming our security standards, all
payments will be checked and processed automatically within 24 hours.

While waiting for your invoice to be paid, new products won't be setupped. If you want to have an
instant payment method with high security, please select Cryptocurrencies and use low frequented
coins like Litecoin or Dash.
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