Adding funds vs. applying funds

Our system has different functions enabled in order to manage your billing and invoices for FlokiNET products and services:

When logged in to your client area ( ), you will find on top of the page the Dashboard (Products - Domains - Tickets - Invoices) and on the left side a menu bar (Available Credit - Your Info -Contacts - Shortcuts).

There is a difference between adding funds and applying credits
- Add funds will create a new invoice in order to increase your account balance
- Apply credit will decrease your existing account balance by paying an invoice with it

1) Add funds
In section 'Available credit' you will find the current available amount of money in your account balance and the button 'Add funds'. If you want to increase the total available amount in your account balance, click 'Add funds'. It will open a new site ( ).

Add funds to your account with us to avoid lots of small transactions and to automatically take care of any new invoices that are generated.

You will be asked for the 'Amount to add' and the payment method to use. Once you clicked 'Add funds'again, an invoice will be created.

Note: Depending on the payment method selected, a payment gateway charge may be applied to the created invoice. In this case, the 'Amount to add' is not the same as the total amount to pay in the checkout.

Example 1: 'PayPal - Notice: takes up to 24 hours'
If you wish to add 5.00 EUR and choose PayPal as billing method, the system automatically applies a transaction fee of 0.55 EUR to it. With PayPal you'll have to pay 5.55 EUR in total.

Example 2: 'PaySafeCard'
If you bought a 50.00 EUR PSC voucher and would like to add it to your account balance, you'll have to keep in mind a 15% transaction fee, which will be added on top of the invoice amount. To cover both, add funds and transaction fee, the 'Amount to add' has to be less than 50.00 EUR!
x = PSC / 1.15 = Amount to add
x = 50.00 EUR / 1.15 = 43.48 EUR
If you type in an amount of 43.48 EUR and click 'Add funds' an invoice will be created, with 6.52 EUR transaction fee charged. The total amount to pay is 50.00 EUR through PSC.

Example 3: 'Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies'
In case of Cryptocurrencies, no payment gateway charge will be applied. The 'Amount to add' is the amount to pay. However, you'll have to define a mining fee. Depending on the mining fee set in your transaction, the payment will be processed within a few minutes or a few hours or can even time out. Please make sure that enough mining fee is added.

2) Apply Credit
If you already have an open invoice and wish to pay with existing funds, you'll have to go to the actual invoice ( ). Select the one to pay ( ).

In the right upper corner you will find the gateway button in order to proceed with the checkout. If you want to pay with existing credits, don't go that way. If you want to change the payment method, please scroll down to the drop-down list 'Payment method'.

In order to pay with available credit, please scroll down to the field 'Apply credit'. There you will find the total available amount on your account balance once more and the amount to apply pre-selected. If it's sufficient to cover your invoice, it will be paid totally from your credit. Click 'Apply credit' to proceed.

Note: Your credits will be only applied automatically to invoices, if they're added before the actual invoice is created. If you got invoiced already and then add funds to your account balance, you'll have to manually apply them to your invoice that way. If you have an open invoice, we recommend to pay it directly instead.


As you can see, there is a difference between adding funds and applying them to your invoice.

To make things easier for you, please make sure:
- to have sufficient funds available when an invoice is up to come (or pay it directly, without adding funds);
- to pay your product invoice in time, considering that there is a delay between payment and completion of the payment (up to 24 hours);
- to check whether there is a payment gateway charge applied to your invoice or not. This should be only the case for payment methods containing a transaction fee and if you actually paid through it (not in case the invoice has been fully paid by funds!);
- to contact Billing Department via ticket in case there is a problem with your transaction.

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