Requirements for Colocation

Colocation is a more complex service in comparison with Dedicated Servers, as it requires us to take care of your hardware, which are always happy to!

But, Requirements are needed so we avoid any misunderstandings, specially in the first steps of the process.

When you purchase the Colocation service, please notice:

  • Your hardware should be rack-able, meaning that rails must be shipped together with your server.

  • Servers should have a management interface (iLO,IPMI,DRAC) - If not, you should ship together with a KVM hardware or pay a extra fee for the usage of our KVM system, notice that this option is not always available.

  • Damages caused by poor packaging, poor handling of the package by the transporting firm is not responsibility of FlokiNET

  • Tracking number of hardware shipment is mandatory

  • FlokiNET is not responsible for any importing taxes or handling imports, If comes to the need for us to handle it, extra fees will apply.


You are always welcome to purchase Dedicated Servers directly from us at FlokiNET, while of course it is not a requirement - It is our general recommendation, as we will perform hardware tests, there is no shipment from the client involved and you will be already complying with all requirements above.

If you need any additional information regarding our Colocation services, please contact our support staff, we are always available for your questions :)

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